New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve - Times Square Ball

New York City is famous for its annual Times Square celebration. The famous ball drop atop One Times Square has been a tradition dating back to 1906. To many Americans, the ball dropping at Times Square in New York City signals the start of the new year in this country.

In the early 1980's, they replaced the ball with an apple - it wasn't the same. The traditional ball prevailed and is here to stay. Since 2000, the ball is now designed by Waterford crystal.

The lighted Ball descends 77 feet in sixty seconds. The Ball is a geodesic sphere, six feet in diameter, weighing approximately 1,070 pounds. The Ball is covered with 504 Waterford crystal triangles which this year have been engraved with the names of those lost in the World Trade Center attacks, 696 multicolored light bulbs, 96 high intensity strobe lights, and 90 rotating pyramid mirrors.

Marking the New Year at the stroke of Midnight, the light bulbs on the New Year’s Eve Ball are turned off as the numerals of the New Year burst to life shining high above Times Square.

On New Year's Eve, many people hold parties which last until late into the night. It is traditional to greet the new year at midnight and celebrate the first minutes of the year in the company of friends and family. Horns are blown at midnight, and people hug and kiss to begin the new year with much love and happiness. They may also dance, sing, and drink a toast to the year ahead.

New Year's Eve is when all the fun and festivities are. We see out the old year and ring in the new. It is a time for renewal, a time for looking forward to what the future could bring for us to enjoy.

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