New Year's Resolutions

After the celebrations it is time to turn over a new leaf. A tradition of the season is the making of New Year's resolutions. This has been going on since early Babylonians.

But now is the time for some modern resolutions developed from introspection and self-improvement thoughts. Like breaking some old bad habits and starting some new ones. This is true for people and the companies they work for. It is time for fresh new approach to life and how we live it.

Popular New Year's Resolutions
Eat Right
Drink Less Alcohol
Learn Something New
Get a Better Job
Fit in Fitness! Get Fit, Exercise A Little
Lose Weight, Tame the Bulge
Quit Smoking Now
Reduce Stress On-the-Job
Reduce Stress Overall
Save Money, Get Out of Debt
Take a Trip
Volunteer to Help Others
Get Organized
Spend More Time with Family & Friends Enjoy Life More
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